Review: Old Jim's Convenience Store

(A little plain gem. Old Jim’s Convenience Store - Details (

A hatch? How quaint.


It’s a real pity that there aren’t any good superlatives to describe something that is really good at being plain good.

Old Jim’s Convenience Store (see, the plainness begins with the title already…) assumes nothing, seeks no higher glory, has no ambitions I could discern apart from providing an pleasant semi-adventurous hour or so. It does so by means of an easy but rewarding treasure hunt in an underground tunnel/cave.

You see? It’s the exemplification of adventure tropes. It’s a cliché boiled down, condensed to its purest essence. Except that it’s set in a convenience store instead of a spooky manor.

I had a lot of fun playing through this. There is comfort in re-exploring well known ground. There is pleasure in seeing the familiar treated with loving craft.

I’ll settle for “Brilliantly Average!”