Review: Bogeyman

(A very effective horror Twine. Gruesome, sometimes disgusting on the surface, but the most scary was how it manipulated my mind into helplessness. My impressions of Bogeyman (

He likes the blue things in the broth…

Bits and pieces, shreds of brutality and gag-inducing vileness.
Images behind your blinking eyes, impossible to erase.
Foul acts, abuse, neglect.

These may be gruesome, but they are not the worst.

The anticipation is.

The certainty that the next press of your finger may, nay, will effect the next step of cruelty.
The realisation that heroes are powerless, resistance begets more pain.
And you’re glad it’s theirs, not yours…

Silent acquiescence becomes your friend.
A smile is a crime, betrayal a virtue.
Is life worth continuing, if life is sacrifice of fellow victims?
Or try to sacrifice yourself.
Are you that brave… and does it matter in the end?

All this in the next press of your finger…

The eeny-weeny tinkle of agency drills down the fear.