Review: Bellclap

(A short game about a believer needing a bit of help. He’s a bit dense, so You need to guide him every step of the way. Bellclap - Details (

Dear God,

Should I serve You by inquiring into Your true essence, or should I merely prostrate myself in obedience?
Should I search for deeper meaning in contemplating Your Divine attributes, or should I sacrifice on Your altar before Your Likeness?
Would You intervene in my hour of need? Does it even make sense to want, ask or expect You to?
Do I wait for Your supreme guidance, or do I strike out on my own, My own, to the point of denying your existence?

Would you smite Me with bolts of electromagnetic energy if I did?

None of these questions are answered in Bellclap . A lighthearted game of “find out the author’s mysterious and idiosyncratic ways”, it offers one terribly underclued puzzle and a bit of fantastically fun exploring.

The main strong point, and the reason why questions like the ones above could crop up in my mind, is the PC-parser-player relationship. It’s slotted into a believer-angelical messenger- God dynamic template.

Even without explicitly being mentioned in the game, the fact that you, the player, are godlike to the PC brings up theological questions.

How would You treat your creation?