Review: A Light in the Snow

A brief review of “A Light in the Snow.” First, a summary from the authors at Sequentia Soft:

My review:

This is straightforward but well-executed short game. Even if you aren’t familiar with the fairy tale the game is based on, it quickly becomes clear that your goal is to stay alive in the snow.

The rest is simply trial and error as you, the player, attempt to find the good ending before you perish. There are two simple loops; exploring and stocking up on matches. There is not really room to implement anything more complicated in a 10 minute game.

The visuals are uniquely appealing, since they draw on two different eras: early film and pixel art. Strangely, the effect makes me think of woodcut illustrations for fairy tales, but I do not think that was the intent.

As the author notes, the images were re-drawn from the source film, but I am not sure to what degree the images were pixelated automatically, and to what extent they were drawn manually.

In any case, the game is an impressive and concise derivative work that is worth a quick playthrough.

Copy and pasted from IFDB. Play the game on Itch-io.

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