Reverse haiku for Autism Acceptance Month

I wrote a little poem yesterday that I immediately thought would be perfect for April, so here it is!
Autism Every Day.
I died for my difference.
You murdered me, Mom.
Why not give me to others?

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Here’s a thought: why don’t you think of the issues that you have a grievance with, objectify them, and present them here for general discussion in a manner that allows for a fruitful discussion and exchange of ideas?

Instead of, you know, dropping bombshells every now and again and scarpering while the dust’s still high, leaving what looks like an awfully smelly turd in the middle of the room and everyone wondering “What the heck was that all about?”.

Might be worth a try. You never know.

Why don’t you try thinking about why I wrote the above poem before switching to hate mode, or is that too hard?

Guys, if you want to have a discussion about autism, have at it, but do it in a civilized manner and in good faith, following the code of conduct. Otherwise we’ll lock the thread and warn both your accounts.

What I tried to say is what George said.

If you really want me to be clearer, fine. I tried thinking about what you wrote. I looked up Autism Speaks. I tried to piece together the missing information (you say I should think about why you wrote the poem; there doesn’t seem to be a reason, so I’m forced to conjecture wildly). I read your post again. I concluded that you had a grievance and you wanted to air it out. I then proceeded to advise you that, if you want to talk about that - and it seems that you do - there is probably a better way.

If you see hate in everything, well, it may have something to do with the way you phrase all of your posts. It gets awful tiring, and it gets hard to be nice to a poster who honestly just seems interested in stirring trouble whenever he comes by, so this time I thought I’d try honesty instead of nicety for a change. I see you didn’t like it.

Is that not what you are? Then please, prove me wrong! I think we’d all like it if I were proved wrong and you turned out to be a well-spoken, reasonable (yet obviously passionate) asset to this community.

EDIT - I should clarify even further, just in case. Clicking on your post, I had no idea, and still have very little, of what Autism Speaks is, and why April is a relevant month. Reading your post, my thought was, “What, is there an organisation for dealing with autism that’s aborting autistic fetuses?”. If there is, congratulations, you got your point across. If not, please be clearer next time.

It’s, of course, a guilt-laden pro-life, anti-abortionist view more than anything else, more relvant to discussions of abortion in general than Autism in specific, but what do I know, right? I’m filled with hate, after all.

The guy has a flamebait statement in red as a signature, a political image macro as an avatar and their screen name is the ‘god of trolling’ from the Elder Scrolls games.

I feel like I shouldn’t need to point any of that out, but every other person the board is too polite to do so, or something.

Ladies and gentlemen, the new Pudlo!

(Or maybe the old one under a new name. Who can tell…?)

DavidW, even though you’re often right in your assessments, you’re starting to sound a lot like Ahab. :wink:

The reason I wrote the poem is because Autism $peaks doesn’t believe in supporting and helping Autistic people, only in eliminating us by whatever means possible, including filicide. That’s why the title of my piece is the same as the PSA in which one of their most prominent members discussed the planned murder of her daughter in front of the girl about whom she was speaking.

You clearly read only a few boards on this forum. Most of my posts are quite reasonable. As for the rest, flamebait is in the eye of the beholder.

Because Autism $peaks hijacked International Autism Awareness to direct money away from local Autism charities that actually help people and funnel it into research that will result in less people, both Autistic and allistic, making it through their mothers’ pregnancies.

Obviously, or it wouldn’t have blinded you to the fact that I specifically stated 20+ week foetuses in line with many laws that allow abortion after that point only on medical grounds. The fact is I’m pro-choice. Genocide through eugenics? Not so much.

Indian red to not only avoid the obvious use of my favourite colour, but also because I’m allergic to blue during April. Er, yeah, because I’m not allowed to make political jokes now. Did you try enlarging the image? And no, Sheogorath is not the ‘god of trolling’, he’s the Daedric Prince of Madness. Maybe you should play some of the Elder Scrolls games sometime. Oblivion comes highly recommended.

There’s a lot of context here. If you do suffer from autism yourself - which I did not know - I can understand you needing to be told this, but: what seems obvious to you was not at all obvious to me. I don’t know the PSA you mention, I never heard about that incident.

No, I read pretty much every single post, even though I skim over the ones I understand the least. Like the TADS board. It’s an interesting place to visit, even if you don’t know the first thing about TADS. I wouldn’t go so far as “flamebait”, but if you think most of your posts are quite reasonable, well. What can I say except, hmm, a lot of them are not?

Hmm. So there’s no actual active abortion, as strongly implied by your original post; there’s money going away from charities and into research, and you equate this to a desire to erradicate Autism by…

…wow, I’m not even going to continue. I sort of see where you’re going, but it’s like a book where you get a paragraph every three pages or so and the rest is blank. There’s a huge number of connections going on in your head and you only bother to explain them occasionally. When you posted the original post, it’s like you were posting the solution to a mathematical problem in a gardening forum.

Where exactly did you specifically state that?

EDIT - Oh, you mean in the signature? Was that supposed to be part of your post?

Bottom line, though, I much prefer you like this. This way, communication is at least possible.

Note to everyone else:

Please let me know if I’m feeding a troll. I’ve always been a bad judge of that sort of thing; I’ve often thought I was talking to people and there was a troll on the other end.

One last thing: I don’t think this place really needs another discussion like this at this time, which is apropos of nothing and comes swiftly after some difficult times and some hefty discussions on racism. I plan on adding nothing much to this discussion, and I don’t think very many people will be inclined to either. I’m sorry; it’s just not the place nor the time, I don’t think.

I suffer far less from Autism than I do from the hatred and negative attitudes of others.

Actually, my original post referenced filicide, not abortion, but I guess there’s no difference between the two to a pro-lifer.

This is straying dangerously into troll territory here. I have visions of Andreas (a Pudlo sock puppet) and his delusional rants when I read some of the above.

Do you have any interest in IF, Sheogorath, or are you just here to take issue with people?

Yeah, I’m removing myself quietly from this. I too remember Andreas.

It’s time to end this thread, as it doesn’t appear to be in good faith.