Return to Castle Coris for visually impaired when playing online

The ADRIFT community has been made aware, that when playing the IFComp ADRIFT games online, the games are not very reader-friendly to people with reduced vision.

Thus, based on feedback, Larry Horsfield has uploaded an alternative version with increased fonts, which should fix the problem at least for some players.

The Big Font version can be played online here:

A disadvantage of the big font version is, that when the text is printed it scrolls way down past a full screen load at a time. So you will need to scroll back to see what you’ve missed.

The text on the map cannot be enlarged, but you can close the map and draw your own map.

A general disadvantage when playing online is, that when the game prompts you to press any key, you must click on the command field (at least the first time) and hit Enter.

It hasn’t been decided yet, if there will be a big font version of the other IFComp ADRIFT game “Just Another Fairy Tale”.