Return to Camelot

I don’t know if this is the right forum for this.
But I just thought I’d let you know that if any of you should take a shot at “RtC” I suggest you download the game.
It should run ok playing online, but the RtC zip file contains the hint file, a walk-through and a map.
Just thought I’d let you know.
Happy adventuring.

As with other IFComp entries that have feelies, you can also get the map and, I think walkthrough, from the IF Archive; the hint file is there too, but in my browser it opens up as raw XML source code which seems like it defeats the purpose.

Hi Matt
There shold also be a hint file reader…
The idea is that you run the reader and load the hint file.
I must admit that it’s pretty new to me, but it worked ok on my computer.

Oh, is that what HSReader.exe is? No .exes for me, unfortunately. [emote]:([/emote] But that’s good to know.

When I just click on the link for the .xml file on the if-archive without trying to download it or use the reader, it opens in a browser window in a way that displays the source. Which, if I can’t run the hint file reader, is better for me than nothing (though I suppose I may be able to dig up an xml file reader somewhere). The map shows up in the browser normally, and I’d have to download the walkthrough to open it.

Anyway, I just wanted to mention that you can pick and choose from feelies by getting them from the archive, even if you’re playing the game online.

I’m running into a different problem. I’m trying to play online (I may check the feelies from the download, but I can’t run exes on my Mac). Unfortunately, a few turns into the game, the WebRunner started displaying all text with a strikethrough effect applied. >GET GLASS was the action I took right before this started, though I’m not certain that’s what actually triggered the effect.

I can still read through the strikethrough with a bit of effort, but it’s not the ideal experience. Did anyone else run into this problem? Any advice for making it go away again?

Hi Em.
I’ve copied your remark and forwarded it to Camapbell. Hopefully he has a solution.

Ok, that should be fixed. Was caused by the tag, which I didn’t realise browsers used to go into strikethrough mode.

Thanks, guys! I’ll have another try.