Results of the 2022 IFDB Awards!

That’s so cool! Thanks for letting me know.


D’aww, thanks to authors for recognizing Esther’s again! Congrats everyone!


Of course big thanks to @mathbrush but also to all voters. I guess I speak for several(?) if I say that getting votes is still a nice pat on the back to keep on making games, even if we were quite far from the top!


Will there be a competition page on IFDB for this?


Yes, but I’m going to procrastinate on it a bit. If someone else gets it started I’ll fill it in, otherwise I’ll probably start tomorrow. Same thing for ifwiki.


I spent 50 years not winning anything (except of course hearts and the lottery of birth), and this is very satisfying. I thought The Spectators would be standing behind the door here since it’s so long, and was released at a weird time. I’m happy to see it get some love. Thanks, everyone, for helping me make those games, for playing them, and voting for them.


Part of the beauty of The Spectators, if I may wax lyrical for a moment, is that it’s a very smooth experience. The puzzles are well-designed and don’t outstay their welcome, so the player (or at least me) rarely gets stuck and keeps going through at a pretty decent pace. That is to say – regardless of word count it didn’t feel long, and I had no trouble playing it in one sitting. I’ve definitely played “shorter” games that felt subjectively longer. Bravo!


Congratulations to all the winners and specially to Mathbrush who has done possible this IFDB 2023 awards.


Sorry this comment is a bit late, and that it will also be a bit brief because I must go heed the call of the stage (or at least the call of the stage manager). Anyway, I’m so happy to hear that people are excited for more of Thalia and Mel’s antics! I’ll try not to be crushed by the weight of expectations while writing. :stuck_out_tongue:

And congrats to the rest of the winners as well! As others have said, it was a really strong year for IF, and I’m looking forward to playing the winning games that I haven’t gotten to yet.


I started putting up the IFDB awards as an actual IFDB competition page. I personally will probably take a week or longer to do it as I don’t feel it’s super urgent (especially as results are on the front page), but everyone is welcomed and encourage to add your own winning game or other’s to the competition page. You ‘add a new division’ and when you add the game, change it from ‘1st place’ to ‘Winner’.

Also, @manonamora has pointed out the her own game is ineligible for best debut, as re published games earlier, and the Fernweh saga is listed as being first published in 2023, so that resolves it down to a simple two-way tie between The Passenger, by Jime Rolón and A Long Way to the Nearest Star, by SV Linwood. Thanks for the tip!


Took a moment to figure out how to do it, but I added in Sweetpea onto the IFDB competition page! Not sure if there’s a particular order things should be kept in when entering the categories onto the page, or the Player’s/Author’s choice, but, she’s up there.


I hope I wasn’t being presumptuous, but I went ahead and copied the winner’s list to the IFDB Awards 2022 page on IFWiki and added links to the announcements.

I have a feeling the results shifted slightly since the page I copied the list from was published. Also, the formatting isn’t super-awesome, but usable. And I petered out linkifying the names & authors when I got to the system-based polls.

This is a long-winded of saying, if anyone wants to correct mistakes, pretty it up, or add links, please do!

Time for a walk…


Congrats to everyone! This gives me the extra push and excuse to finally comb through and play everything listed.


Beautifully said, it’s the same for me. Sorry I’m so late - I was quite flabbergasted, so I rather immersed myself in working on my next game.

My heartiest congratulations to @AmandaB and @jnelson and all the other award winners and of course to @mathbrush (I always add a “Threepwood” to the end in my mind, I can’t help it) for their great work!

I’m very happy that so many people enjoyed “Wry” (and its German counterpart “Schief”)!
You know, Germany is not really famous for its humor. So I’m doubly happy about that.

(And I think that Outstanding Humor Game - Players Choice is also a tie, in this case with Use Your Psychic Powers at Applebee’s by Geoffrey Golden!) (I just saw that Brian had already responded to the same point above.)