Resources for Uploading Games

I’m adding a section to the Inform Handbook on what to do with your game once it’s finished. (Why didn’t I think to have that section until now? Duh.)

I’m mentioning competitions, uploading directly to the IF Archive, and both itch and borogove. What else to I need to add?

How does the ifdb handle adding games? Does it just get links from the Archive, or is there some other process?


There’s a block in the game page form where you can add the IF Archive link (but it doesn’t have to be just from there)

If you click on Edit, you can indicate more info (and I’m assuming how to make it run from that link?)

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It would be fun to have a lot of documentation here for IFDB download links. Here’s the gist of it:

Today, this is so complicated that I think regular mortals kinda can’t figure it out. Part of what makes this so complicated for ZIPs is that we have to link to Parchment and embed an URL in the link to unbox. The embedded unbox URL itself has an embedded URL to IF Archive, plus an embedded relative path to the game file within the zip.

For major competitions like IFComp, I’ve just been manually fixing up all of the IFDB links to point to IF Archive. :sob:


That being the case, I think I’ll leave the rest of your description out of the Handbook, or shorten it. My main goal, in that brief section, is to tell people how to make their game publicly available.

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I’d add physical distribution. Mini box containing USB drive + paper instruction + feelies. The drive will contain various formats, including 8 bit versions.

Kind of like your very own Infocom mini gift boxes

Thanks. That’s an off-the-wall suggestion, but I’ve added it to the text.