[RESOLVED] Login with email vs. changing your password


I haven’t been asked to enter my password once on this new site, and under password in the profile it just has an option for a reset email. Does logging in now depend only on following an email link, and passwords have been eliminated? So every time I log in from a new device, I have to have a new email sent?

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Click your profile in the upper right and then click “log out” then it should ask for your password. Do you use any sort of keychain/password software or browser settings to log into accounts automatically?

If you’re “logging in through email” that sounds like you clicked the button to request a new password. I haven’t done it myself here, but usually that temporary login link only works for 48 hours and should take you to a screen to reset it permanently (or til the next time you request a change.)


I tried logging out like you said. It then did ask for my password. It claimed it wasn’t correct, but let me request another email. Following the email link logged me back in, again without entering any password. So whatever the system thinks my password is is not what I left it set to on the old system, but it doesn’t require me to enter it as long as I do the email thing, and I see no way to set a new password. So this is a pretty weird situation; it sounds like the new software doesn’t like passwords.


You can log in via an email link, or request a password reset email. I think you’ve been using the top option, use the link below the password box.

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Yeah, I had to request a new password in order to set a new one to log in here using it.


Thanks. That was tremendously confusing.

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