Rerelease of Bee

Bee is a choice-based game of mine from 2012, about a home-schooled girl training for the spelling bee.

Initially released for Varytale in 2012, Bee went off-line for a time when the platform shut down. Varytale’s programmer, Ian Millington, then partially re-created Bee for Dendry, a non-commercial platform with similar technical features. He wasn’t able to complete the project, and for some years Bee was only available to play in an incomplete form.

Recently, Autumn Chen kindly helped complete and update Bee for Dendry. It’s therefore now possible to play again. I’ve also written a bit more about rereleasing it.


Congratulations and thank you and Autumn for the effort you put into re-releasing Bee!


I can’t find any documentation for Dendry. Just code samples on Github. Is there a doc for it somewhere? Preferably in PDF format, although txt and md format is also good.

I recommend looking at New Year's Eve, 2019: The Postmortem and the various links there – Autumn’s made a fork of the main dendry repository that is better documented and has some bugfixes, etc., and also talks a bit about the status of things in that thread.

[Sorry for accidentally writing ‘branch’ rather than ‘fork’ earlier, a brain blip that was likely confusing.]


The fork of dendry that was used for Bee (and my games) is here: GitHub - aucchen/dendry: Tools to create and build interactive fiction.

Also the source code for the new version of Bee is at GitHub - aucchen/bee: Bee by Emily Short


Thank you both so much! This had been on my To Play list for a while, and I thought it was a shame that it wasn’t available.

I’ve played it through a few times and have made it to two endings so far!

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