Requesting a Historian

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This is also open to literally everyone else as well. We are looking for some dates for the upcoming community resource site. We have a few major ones that @alexispurslane found from direct sources but we are still missing these:

  1. When did MJR sign the IFDB over to the IFTF?
  2. When—approximately—did MJR step away from the community? I’m assuming it was gradual and he didn’t leave a goodbye note, but there was likely a month where someone could conclude he was out, and not on hiatus.
  3. When was the first release version of Adv3Lite uploaded? What version number was that? (Tagging @Eric_Eve)
  4. When was the last version of Adv3Lite uploaded before 1.6 released, and what version number was that?

This thread was when news of the IFDB change first came out:

and this is when it went through:

Don’t know the others yet! MJR was actively approving every IFDB application by hand leading up to the first post, so he hadn’t stepped away in that sense yet.


Excellent! Thank you for the information!


let’s start from the last question: there was a pair of 1.6 beta between 1.6 and 1.5
(I was sure that the question is to happen sooner or later; I noted to Eric that he has not updated the release number, causing some little confusion)
Generally speaking about intermediate releases, if there a massive issue with github, is that “download zip” under the green code button, whose allow generating and putting in the wind potentially infinite intermediate releases out of author’s control…)

on question 2, as Brian notes, Zarf and Dan Fabulich contacted MJR around 2021, and in this forum’s user base actually is an account clearly reconducible to him, with only 27 posts, all between 2011 and 2013, the last one dated 20 april 2013.

Lastly, question 3: the changelog of adv3Lite started from a version 0.2 (november 2012) but don’t say if it is a public release or not.

this is all I can say in an half hour of work or so…

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As I recall, all releases prior to 1.0 were officially public betas. Version 1.0 (30 Nov 2013) would have been the official ‘full’ (i.e. non-beta) release. The first beta release was Version 0.1 (11 Oct 2012). It’s not in the change log since, being the first release, there was no prior release to note changes from.


Now question 3 is fully answered from the most primary source :slight_smile:

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.