Request: Please use the Adventuron issues tracker for bug reports

Hi all,

I’m having trouble keep up with transferring all the bug reports from this forum (and other forums) to the official bug report github repository.

If you have a question about how to achieve something in Adventuron, then continue to use this forum. If you have a bug (or suspected bug report), then please use the issues tracker.

When you are raising a bug the following information is required:

  • Source code that demonstrates the issue (should be compilable code, not a code snippet).
  • Inputs that demonstrate the error.
  • The expected result versus the actual result.

I can’t keep track of bug reports via 4 different systems (Telegram, jam forums, intfiction forum + official bug tracker), so keeping bug reports in one central system, each with demonstrative code will make it much easier for me to actually focus on fixing bugs rather than scanning forums, and having to come up with demonstrative code myself using possibly ambiguous bug reports.

As a rule of thumb any bug report without standalone demonstrative source code tends to be looked at with a lower priority as I feel I’m playing a guessing game before I can actually look at the issue.

Thank you!



Noted, thanks Chris (I didn’t see this earlier. Must have been buried beneath all those bug reports…)