Request for Prizes for Spring Thing 2024

Spring Thing, the annual festival for interactive fiction, is actively seeking prize donors for the 2024 festival!

Rather than cash donations as in prior years, prizes now work more like “Secret Santa”: donors put up cool, quirky, or hand-crafted items (physical or digital) that a fellow lover of text games might enjoy, and when the festival closes, entrants in the Main Festival pick from available prizes in random order.

Need ideas for prizes? Check out the prize lists for past Spring Things (such as ’23 or ’22), or look at the current or past prize lists for IF Comp. Prizes with a personal or homemade touch are especially welcome.

Don’t want to ship something? There are plenty of great non-physical prize ideas, too, such as placing a gift order on Amazon; a Steam code for a cool story game; play time credits for an online interactive narrative; game PDFs from an online bundle; or a handmade digital gift such as music or artwork. Feel free to post other ideas or suggestions below.

If you’d like to donate a prize, please PM me here or email Thanks in advance!

Fine print: keep in mind that part of your prize donation, if it’s a physical item, is the cost of shipping it to the recipient, who may be from a different country than you. The festival organizer may be able to help subsidize shipping if you have a cool prize idea but can’t afford to ship it. Delivery of prizes won’t happen until after the festival closes in May.


I suggest that the homemade prizes can be temporarily anonymous, so every denizen of this forum can enjoy a “whodunitComp” of sort, in figuring who has made this or that prize… so players have their fun during the release lulls between major competitions… :wink:

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.


Anonymous prizes are certainly allowed, and I’m happy if some people want to play a guessing game (especially with unique gifts that reflect people’s talents). However, people are also free to do non-anonymous gifts, especially when it’s clear who’s involved (like a copy of your own book or game).


Looking through the older IF Comp prize lists, there have also been more interesting ideas like course/podcast mentions and services such as proofreading. :thinking:


of course, people are free to give non-anon gifts; after all, we all know who giftes the cuneiform seal :wink:

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.