Request for historical Twine files (generated between 2006 and 2012)

As some may know, I’ve heavily contributed to the Twine Specs repository on GitHub. More recently, I’ve been performing some historical research on early Twine works created 10-15 years ago. Beyond many of them simply missing for a variety of reasons (link rot, sites being removed, authors passing away, etc.), two formats for Twine 1, HTML and TWS, were never officially documented.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been trying to remedy the documentation issue through proposing two new files for the Twine Specs repository: Twine 1 HTML output documentation, and Twine 1 TWS output documentation.

While these proposals make their way through the approval process, I’m asking for help across two different areas:

  1. Does anyone have Twine 1 HTML files created between 2006 and 2009 using a story format excluding the following: Sugarcane, Responsive, SugarCube, or Jonah? I’m specifically looking for examples of output HTML where the storage element does not have an id of either storeArea or store-area.

(I have been compiling a list of Twine 1 story formats and plan to check these against the current draft of the documentation, but many of these are also missing. I plan to post about this separate historical research soon.)

  1. Does anyone have a Twine 1 TWS file from Twine 1.3.5 or earlier versions? Specifically, any TWS files created between 2006 to 2012? The IF Archive contains many historical files, but its year categories for Twine begins with 2013. The move to Twine 1.4.2 added some internal properties I want to make sure I can help give context for to help those attempting to parse files created by any version of Twine 1 in the future.

If anyone knows of these files, please reply or other provide a link for me to verify the HTML elements or TWS internal properties. I believe I have captured everything I am aware of for Twine 1 files, but any help would be greatly appreciated.