Request for Counterfeit Monkey bug reports

I am working on release 5 of Counterfeit Monkey at the moment. If people have transcripts or issues they want to share with me, now is a good time. I have a limited amount of vacation time available to work on this, but I want to try to get as much resolved as possible. Email to is the best way to reach me, and you will have my gratitude and a spot in the credits.

I’m particularly interested in missing synonyms, if people had trouble with them, as a couple of Monkey’s reviews have mentioned this as an issue but I have only a handful of direct reports of issues like that. If there are loads more lurking, that would be good to know about.

[fires an anagramming gun at himself, becoming sardonic]
I found several apparent problems.
[applies restoration gel to self]
But most of them were very minor, and some might be intended behavior. None significantly affected the experience of playing the game

[size=85](I’ve been waiting to use that pun since I chose the username Draconis.)[/size]

Emily Short, providing cues for puns since 2000*.

*(according to IFDB).