Request for beta-testers for ParserComp game: Danny Dipstick

I’m looking for beta-testers for ‘Danny Dipstick’.

Danny is a bit of a dork. He’s trying to pick up a girlfriend, but he always dips out. His neighbour has written down a few pointers for him. Can you help Danny to get a girl’s phone number?

This is all quite wholesome, but there may be a few laughs along the way, mostly at Danny’s expense.

This is a small z-code game that I plan to enter in ParserComp. As it’s only small, I estimate that it should take no longer than 60 minutes to finish. If interested, send me a personal message and I’ll send you the download link.


Just for the record, I got four testers, testing was completed a few weeks ago, I’ll be doing the updates over the next day or two and ‘Danny Dipstick’ should be ready in time for ParserComp.