Request for Beta-Testers for ParserComp 2021 Game: The Time Machine

This eponymous game is a sequel to the H.G. Wells Victorian science fiction novella “The Time Machine” ( Can you solve the mystery of your friend’s delusions or will you be confined to the asylum with him?

This Inform 7 game is currently in development and I estimate it will be ready for beta testing on May 3rd. The current design contains 14 locations, almost evenly split between 1895 and 802,701, and 3 characters.

The beta testing period will be from May 3rd to June 1st. Beta tester responsibilities will be to play the game at least once, provide a transcript of their play, and let me know of any bugs, grammatical errors, or suggestions, either as they play or at the end of their testing. There is a possibility I will issue an update at the end of the beta period but no one is obligated to test the beta a second time.

Right now I am looking for a few beta-testers to express interest in testing this game starting May 3rd. From an initial list of five or six people I envision that two or three will still be interested and available when the May 3rd date arrives.

Please contact me via DM or at with your contact information if you are interested in being added to the beta test list for my first game. For anyone who expresses interest I will keep you appraised of my progress, probably via subsequent posts to this topic.

Transfer of story files, walkthroughs, etc. will be done via Dropbox and email.

Thanks in advance.

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