Request for Beta testers for Archaeological Fiction (maybe entering ParserComp 2021) (Inform7)

We are looking for some beta-testers for a game that we’ve just finished, and that we might submit to ParserComp.
It is an exploration mainly game, with ambient sound located in northern Norway. Is realistic, some of it is based in real stories but we consider it a fiction.

We would like to get your transcripts to get an idea of what triggers your attention, what might frustrate the player, what commands and when do you try them, etc. All feedback is useful.

Some details:
Is around 80 rooms, but most of them are just paths to connect one room with longer descriptions and more details with another.
You can visit the same room at different history periods, and the rooms and things will have different descriptions.

We will provide a downloadable package with the game to run in your interpreter of choice, but it should support sound.

We are happy to provide more details and answer any questions!

Thank you!

Laurie & Lucila


I could do some beta depending of system authoring.

Hi Jade,
It is made in Inform7. How do feel about it?

Perfect, I can test it, but Fabularium has an issue, generates transcripts without player entries. I would send you emails with my feelings and suggestions.

Great! welcome! I am taking the weekend to do some of my own testing (I finished the code yesterday). I guess by Monday I will have a version with enough dignity to be shared. Expect a message with a download link!

Ok then I wait for your answer.

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Some mistakes I have found

River bank. I cant go se, as indicated in description 5o dirty road.
There are many bold words I cant examine as there is no answer.

If it doesn’t make ParserComp then it also sounds a good fit for IF Art Show which may be running in Autumn.

Either way, I love ambience and exploration games so this sounds great to me!

Adam :slightly_smiling_face::v:


Hi Adam!
The IF art show sounds amazing! would you please keep me posted on that?


Hey Lucila,

I was thinking the same thing when I first read the post about the IF Art Show. Your piece would have so much more breath and sun to shine in an atmosphere like that!


With pleasure!

There’s been quite a bit of interest and a lot of positivity shown since the idea came up, I’m so pleased it’s not just me who is interested in this side of IF!