Request for Beta-Testers for a sci-fi game (Inform7/glulx)


I am looking for beta testers for my game “Raiders of the holy stones”. The game was originally written in German and has now been translated into English. Since the translation process of a German game is unfortunately not very easy due to grammar, verbs, etc. (of the parser), I would be grateful if a player would test the translated version of game.

The game itself is a classic text adventure. It pays homage to the science fiction pop culture of the late 1970s.

The game was written in Inform7 (glulx file).
The German version of the game can be found here:

Thanks in advance


Oops, I am not a native english speaker. I would better not to try this game. There are many other betatesters that will help you.
Best wishes.

That’s no problem. Thanks anyway.