Reporting incorrect documentation for "§25.16. Walkthrough solutions"

Greetings all! I’m not sure if these are planned differences or unplanned but the documentation in §25.16 is entirely incorrect in terms of being able to annotate nodes or set multiple endings. You can set a “winning condition” but, so far as I can see, you can’t annotate and you can’t set multiple conditions.

I had two classes that apparently were banging their head over this. It didn’t help that initially no one had a clue what that was because §1.7. The Skein doesn’t indicate that is actually a “Testing” panel. They only realized that when they got to §2.8. The TEST command and somehow thought the “Testing” panel must be related to that and realized it matched what was described as the Skein. :rofl:

Given that this is documentation that’s clearly wrong, but not full source code, what is the procedure for turn around on changes to the documentation? Is that only deployed with a full source deploy or can the documentation be updated separately? Asking only because if changes are a long time in coming, I’ll need to put together some notes for the upcoming classes on known issues.

Unrelated, another issue is that the “Small Cover” functionality doesn’t seem to work at all, but you can change the style.css template to at least get it to work.

Worth noting too that if you have “release along with a solution” but nothing in your Skein/testing with a winning path, the release packaging fails. By this I mean, even if your Skein has commands, if none of them are set to be “winning” (with the star), you get a “Packaging up for Release - Failed” message. That might be sort of implied by the documentation since the “starred node” is how the path is determined.

Perhaps just another update to the documentation to make that clear but also perhaps having the error message say why. The “console” does say: “Error: no threads in the Skein have been marked '***`” but it might help to percolate that to the one page the user is likely going to look at. Also, notice the error message is wrong: it’s not the *** anymore, apparently. It’s the star. So the error might just want to say “No threads in the Skein have been marked with a winning path.”

One can report documentation bugs at the Inform bug tracker.

There have been doc fixes in the development version, but there are no plans (that I’ve heard) to release revised documentation prior to the release of the next version (and there’s no scheduled release date for that yet).


Got it! No worries as I can provide a guide for things like this for upcoming classes. Another good example, incidentally, is the Index and Mapping stuff that’s documented. As far as I can tell, almost none of that works as described. You can certainly generate an EPS file and a few of the phrases given do work but most do not.

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