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I’m not 100% sure I chose the right category.

In some text over here (I think it is in the forum rules) it is mentioned that you can “Reply into a new thread”. Is that possible without copy and paste?

If you need your topic moved to a different category, I can do that, or any Regular member has access to as well (and are allowed to at their discretion.)

You can actually quote text from another topic into a new message. If you start composing a reply in the bottom half of the window, you’d normally quote from the previous message by highlighting and choosing “Quote” to capture the message formatted as a quote. You can do that from anywhere.

Start a reply or a new message and leave the composer open and browse the forum in the upper half to other topics and quote from a different message. I’ll do it below; leave my message open and navigate above to “Chess Chats”:

For good measure, here’s a quote from another topic:

When you reply after browsing, the forum will confirm whether you want to reply in the topic you’re on, or in the one you started from.
Screen Shot 2023-04-22 at 2.20.37 PM


If you click the arrow symbol the option to “Reply as linked topic” appears. This might be what you have in mind. You can combine this with the quotation function.


That works too! I forgot about that. I think that basically enables a user-initiated topic reply split.

I use that particular button most of the time to be sneaky.

Screen Shot 2023-04-22 at 2.34.02 PM

Staff have the ability to “whisper” private messages in-thread, basically we can discuss what’s happening with each other inline and MST3K the goings-on.


And the regular users never know!

…wait, is this thing on?


<slappy hand-fights with @Draconis> you have to hit the button…no th-