Replay with question marks

Hi all,
got a weird little problem that probably files under “user too stupid to operate software” but it only happens under I6 so i put it here. Usually typing “replay” and selecting a command list works fine, the game runs all the commands and that’s it. But if I do it on my notebook (Lenovo Yoga) Inform adds a question mark to each command, the consequence being Inform can’t parse it. Everything else works fine, I can compile, run, play - only the “replay” function acts weird. Any idea what could cause this?
Thanks and kind regards,

Is your laptop running Linux?

Which interpreter are you using?

My guess would be that the command file has Windows-style line endings, which the interpreter doesn’t expect.


Sorry for the late reply. I am aware an encoding problem is the most likely cause, but since I’m using Windows and Gargoyle I am a little clueless.

Open the command file in Notepad++. Use Edit → Format end of line → Unix. Save it. If this does the trick, your Gargoyle build expects Unix line breaks.

That did the trick. Thanks!!! <3