Replay / Test game with

How can I store and use a list of commands to automatically play through specific parts of my TADS WIP? Like, the “replay” function in Inform 6 or the “test game with…” function in Inform 7?

You can record commands to a file with >RECORD and then replay them via >REPLAY. The format’s just one command per line with a > in front, so you can also write the commands “by hand” instead of recording them if you want.

There are a couple of options (e.g. >REPLAY QUIET to replay the commands with no output and >REPLAY NONSTOP to display all the output without pausing for [More] prompts), which are discussed in detail in Easing Testing and Debugging in Getting Started in TADS 3.

If you’re using frobTADS, you can use the -R command line flag to specify a replay file to use at startup.


Thanks, that nails the spot!