Replacing "You see..." With "[Name] sees..."

Hi all.

I was never really a fan of being called “you” in a game. Therefore in making IF in Inform 7 I don’t want it to say “You see” or “You pick up”, etc. I want to name the player character and have it say “[Name] sees” or “[Name] picks up” etc.

Is this possible? If so, how would I do it? I hope it’s not complicated…

Edit: By extension, is there a way to change the default Inform reactions? For example, if I type “Take [Person]” it would say, “I don’t suppose [Person] would like that.” Is there any way to change that reaction? To see a list of all the default reactions?



I think what you want is either Default Messages or Custom Library Messages by Ron Newcomb. They’re extensions, so you can simply download them and then include them like this:

Include Custom Library Messages by Ron Newcomb.

This is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!

It doesn’t seem to be working.

I downloaded Default Messages, opened my game in Inform, installed the extension, added “Include Default Messages by Ron Newcomb.” (no parenthesis), opened the extension, modified one of the lines, saved the file, saved my game, and ran my game. But the line didn’t change! What did I do wrong?

The extension doesn’t work by your changing the lines in the example at the end of the extension.

Your are supposed to write something like this inside your own source text:

Table of custom library messages (continued)
library-action	library-message-id	library-message-text
taking action	3	"[The noun] pulls back from [the actor]."

The long, last example in the extension lists all the standard library messages, so you can look up what names they would have in the table of custom library messages. It also gives a lot of hints about how to write custom messages.

Alternatively you could paste the whole last example into you source text and change the lines you want to change from there (pasting examples from extensions can be done from inside the Inform IDE if you go to the “Installed extensions” part of the documentation and open the documentation of the relevant extension).