Removing input line before real-time event

If text is printed while the game is waiting for player input, a copy of the input line remains directly above it. According to this page, it’s intentional, but it makes games with many real-time events very hard to read. Is there a way to remove the extra line and input if the player never pressed enter? By overwriting it with the next one, maybe?

Example from aforementioned site:

What do you, the detective, want to do next?
>look at the v

Miss Marmalade enters from the north.  She pretends
not to see you, busying herself with rummaging for
something in her purse.

>look at the v|

Since none of the tiny but intrepid crew of T3 experts has answered, I’d suggest you email Mike Roberts about this. I’m pretty sure you can find his email address in the documentation somewhere, or on the TADS website. If you can’t find it, PM me and I’ll share it with you.

It’s not possible to affect the command line like that.

At least, I really, really doubt it.

You could get that effect by using a separate field (or window) for input. That way updates to the game text won’t interrupt input. I think I’ve seen this in Tads 3 web games.

Input is tied to the main window.

Not sure about WebUI though.

WebUI is very hackable :slight_smile: It is composed of html/css/js files which are embedded into the game binary, so each game can modify/replace them with ease.

I asked him, thank you for the suggestion. As some already said, modifying the command line like this is not possible with interpreters, but it can be done using WebUI.

Thank you for the help, everyone. I hope to return the favour once I get more familiar with the language.