Remove neighboring rooms from scope

sorry if i’m getting on everyones last nerve with my frequent questions.

this one is:
by default neighboring rooms are in scope. this is REALLY annoying if you have several rooms clustered together with same/similar names (i.e. a hallway with multiple rooms. if the player types ‘examine hall’ they get a disambiguation. something like, do you want to examine the current location, the hallway, or the hallway.)

i can get around this with a dedicated scenery object that’s ‘attracted’ into multiple rooms. but doing this over and over gets old quickly.

if there is a way to remove neighboring rooms from scope? that would fix the problem, but i can see where it could introduce problems as well - i don’t really care about looking ‘west’ to the next room but would still like to be able to ‘look $dir to $target’, for instance.


No need to touch the scope for this. This should get rid of those pesky disambiguation questions:

(very very unlikely [examine (room $Room)])
	~(current room $Room)

Edit: You have to use (very very unlikely $) instead of (unlikely $) or (very unlikely $) because the library already has a rule that makes any action mentioning a room (very unlikely $). Therefore it will make all actions the same likeliness level and thus no automatic disambiguation. If some action is declared very unlikely anywhere, trying to make it unlikely won’t elevate it likeliness, hence we need to decrease it even more (or negate the library rule first, then declare it unlikely.)


holy crap that’s easy!

i’ve been poring over scope and (update environment around player) and who-knows-what-else.