Remove every rule from a rulebook.

Is there a way to remove every rule from a rulebook in one phrase? Something like “Every rule in the given rulebook is not listed in the given rulebook?”

Well… wait… I want to be able to add new rules to the rulebook, so I don’t want rules added after that phrase to also be wiped out. I guess what I’m looking for is a “reset” button on the rules, but then to be able to add new rules to it afterwards. I’m trying to redefine a bunch of rules for an extension, but I don’t want to change the core functionality of the extension, just replace some of the assumptions. I want to replace a bunch of rules with a singular rule, so I was hoping to not have to write out every rule to replace.

Which extension are you using? To my mind, if the rulebook is one that’s invoked manually somewhere in the extension (as opposed to stuff like the turn sequence rulebook which is going to get invoked deep within the templates, I think), then the simplest way to achieve what you want would be to make your own rulebook, find the extension that invoke the old rulebook, and redirect them to invoking your new rulebook instead.

I’m working with Disambiguation Control by Jon Ingold… I don’t think redirecting the should the game suggest rulebook would be very straightforward, as it is the central rulebook of the whole thing, and referenced in places in gnarly I6 code brackets and such… I don’t really want to mess with the functionality, I just want to change most of the actual suggest rules assumptions.

For my code framework, I am trying to make almost every suggestion be an excellent one, because I want to always disambiguate. This extension works to do this, but only if I change the assumptions. For example:

The don't suggest taking something someone's got rule is not listed in the should the game suggest rulebook.
Should the game suggest taking something (called x):
	it is an excellent suggestion;

I have other code elsewhere that also makes this possible, and code that operates as a “conflict resolution” mechanic to determine if the actor is capable of taking the item (or the holder is willing to give it)… but that’s besides the point. The above works, but there are lots of suggest rules in the extension, and most of them I just want to turn into excellent suggestions… I could do the above for each, but I was wondering if there was a way to just make all the ones that are already there become unlisted all at once instead of having to write them in one by one. Something like this psuedocode:

Every rule in the should the game suggest rules is not listed in the should the game suggest rulebook.
Should the game suggest doing something with something (called x):
          it is an excellent suggestion;

I would add a few clarifying rules on top of that because not EVERYTHING is an excellent suggestion, but the above would be a base if it were possible.

Oh, yeah, I wouldn’t try my suggestion on that rulebook. Seems like it would be hairy.

I don’t know a good way to do that; someone else might. One thing that I might try is having a new rule listed first in the should the game suggest rulebook which calls your rulebook and then returns the value from it to the should the game suggest rulebook. You’d have to define a new rulebook with the same outcomes. This might cut off all the rules you don’t want.

Try something like this.

The block suggestion rule is listed first in the should the game suggest rules. This is the block suggestion rule: abide by the new suggestion rules. The new suggestion rules are a rulebook. The new suggestion rules have outcomes [whatever the suggestion rule outcomes are].

This is the first time I’ve actually used “abide by”. :smiley:

Nice, that works! Thanks!

So there is no way to unlist entire rulebooks at once then?
…because I’m looking to unlist half of the action rulebooks (like for instance unlist the rulebooks for listening or singing as part of removing those actions), in order to “keep my inventory of rulebooks clean” (as in keep them from taking up memory) and upon compile this will probably take some time, especially if I unlist all the rules one by one.
Is my only option to make my own version of the standard rules, or something, or is there a way to unlist entire rulebooks at once?

I don’t think there is. But those rulebooks only have one rule in them, the “block listening rule” (or “block singing rule” or “block smelling rule” or…).

There is no way to unlist an entire rulebook at once, no.