Remove "asking someone to..." from a stored action w/out I6

Is there any way to accomplish the following without dropping to I6?

[code]To decide what person is the actor-requester variable:
(- (act_requester) -)

To change the actor-requester variable to (P - an object):
(- act_requester = {P}; -)

To decide what action is the currently requested action:
Let save-requester-person be the actor-requester variable;
Change the actor-requester variable to nothing;
Let result be the current action;
Change the actor-requester variable to save-requester-person;
Decide on result.

Instead of asking someone to try doing something when [some condition]:
Let A be the currently requested action;
[more code here]
Now [some variable] is A.[/code]
Sticking a “(called A)” after “try doing something” badly confuses Inform, and I can’t think of an obvious alternative. There doesn’t seem to be an I7 equivalent to the act_requester variable.

Well, Ron Newcomb’s Editable Stored Actions lets you change this by changing the request part of a stored action… but it does that by dropping into I6. So I’d guess either you have to drop into I6 or have an extension do it for you.