Reminder: it's 2 days until Bitbucket closes Mercurial support

Bitbucket is still planning to remove all Mercurial repos on July 1st.

If you plan to move somewhere, there aren’t many options - OSDN and GNU Savannah, everything else uses Git now. Here’s a converter script.

Specifically we could lose these:

@vaporware - Guncho, ZILF
@zondo - IFM


Just FYI, IFM has jumped the Bitbucket ship and moved to Sourcehut.


I remember that sourceforge used to be the leading repo back in the day. I still have a project collecting dust on there from almost a decade ago. Is that repo still any good?

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Sourceforge is pretty ad-encrusted these days. (For the past ten years, really.) I don’t like to go anywhere near it.


Ah. That’s too bad. I liked it when I was using it, but the last time was in 2011, I think.

Thanks for the reminder! I starred the deprecation notice in my inbox in, um, August, but then I forgot about it… oops.

If anyone cares, I’ve now moved the repo for my game Last Day of Summer over to github:

Jesse McGrew announced on Facebook recently that ZILF has moved to though the web site still points to Bitbucket.