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It doesn’t seem to work in Inform release 6M62; it reports everything you examine, get, drop, etc. as using the remembering action. I’m guessing ‘Understand “examine [any seen thing]” … as remembering’ is now clobbering the built-in examining action. Any insights?

It is indeed. I’ve been working on a modified copy for Scroll Thief but due to bugs in the new Inform compiler it always breaks conversation actions with topics.

Is this your work-around:

Understand "take [any seen thing]" as remembering when any seen thing is not visible.
[and so on, for each action]

Edit: hrm, that doesn’t seem to work if the player enters another room. :frowning:

“take [any seen invisible thing]” gives me a stack overflow. :frowning:

So my heart keeps stopping each time this topic gets a new message and pops up in the unread post feed because I keep reading it as “Remembering Aaron Reed.” Glad Aaron is alive and well and creating things :slight_smile:

So I’m not the only one! He says, bumping the thread again.

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