Released: Deeper

Deeper is an RPG featuring magic, combat and an assortment of dangerous creatures.

Please do not go looking for a plot - there is none. Each level of the dungeon is generated randomly when you find the stairs down to it, and you can keep going potentially for ever.

It was created in Quest, and if nothing else should show that you can do some pretty powerful coding in that system. Be aware that if you play on-line, the game will time-out after 20 or 30 minutes of inactivity.

Play it here: … tcg/deeper

On first glance - looks pretty impressive! I haven’t gotten far into it, but I am impressed by how it looks, and intrigued that beasties don’t follow me when I run from them.

Some of them do!

Yes, this is impressive.

Nicely done roguelike. I can see I’ll be spending time here for a while.