Release 2 Beta: A Roiling Original

Well, there was a lot to fix from the Spring Thing entry. But major stuff got done. Major enough that looking at release 1 makes me cringe.

I’ve fixed stability/userfriendliness/cluing issues, added some fun side points, and had a few people give me good advice, but I’d still like to make a call for a tester or two. Whether you played the game or not, I’m interested in someone who can add some last input. Walkthrough in hand or not.

For those who haven’t played, it’s a wordplay game on the long side, but it’s in 7 areas, so if someone is willing to focus on one, I’d be grateful for any help. I’d also be thrilled if someone used a walkthrough and just went talking to NPCs giving ideas for topics. I’ve drawn a blank there.

email me at … _notes.txt has them. But I couldn’t spoiler-tag them.

InvisiClues are at but actually they’re slightly out of date.

Thanks to all who’ve already played, commented and (hopefully) enjoyed.

Very nice to hear. But will you be finishing release 2 of Shuffling Around? It doesn’t seem to have left beta phase, as there’s this big lump of text…

[rant]This version of the game involves special tricks for the player to warp through the game. It is volume 2 in the source and should be marked as NOT FOR RELEASE before release. However, it’s okay now.

Type dc for all debug commands, but the one most helpful to me is hd, which tracks the hints you receive. Shufhints.glkdata is a text file created and appended every move that you can send to me to make sure hints are valid. It’s 2 dirs up in Windows and in /home in Mac.

All objects accounted for and described.
All rooms accounted for and described.

DEBUG INFO: The hash of toga is 212250115.
DEBUG INFO: word # 2 nametag ~ magenta nametag
DEBUG INFO: The hash of magenta nametag is 400874126.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of static is 368680251.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of attics is 368680251.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of gateway is 498185490.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of store F is 513381369.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of store I is 531859319.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of store M is 550941626.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of store R is 572190276.
DEBUG INFO: word # 3 cabinet ~ acne-bit cabinet
DEBUG INFO: The hash of acne-bit cabinet is 384428789.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of odor is 255058046.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of bulge is 337744362.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of ones is 367340160.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of dashes is 380853247.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of noughts is 517631877.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of bread is 254765724.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of livers is 515375383.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of sliver is 515375383.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of liches is 379174644.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of banshee is 478682714.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of drapes is 414086744.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of spam is 244002896.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of vowels is 567346084.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of warts is 394830378.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of skate is 382311089.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of cult tee is 639757485.
DEBUG INFO: word # 2 spearman ~ cheesy spearman
DEBUG INFO: The hash of cheesy spearman is 528228134.
DEBUG INFO: word # 3 CATHOUSE ~ bottle of CATHOUSE perfume
DEBUG INFO: The hash of bottle of CATHOUSE perfume is 565124179.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of tall trio is 520704758.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of taco is 198655998.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of cask is 170400547.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of sack is 170400547.
DEBUG INFO: word # 3 hoses ~ pair of hoses
DEBUG INFO: The hash of pair of hoses is 431988917.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of anapest is 481939196.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of roadblock is 401417371.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of poem is 347699798.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of smilies is 528228725.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of oils is 269433228.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of oils is 269433228.
DEBUG INFO: word # 1 hoots ~ hoots button
DEBUG INFO: The hash of hoots button is 385371437.
DEBUG INFO: word # 1 trees ~ trees button
DEBUG INFO: The hash of trees button is 540320005.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of drainage is 385034693.
DEBUG INFO: word # 2 clover ~ fuzzy clover
DEBUG INFO: The hash of fuzzy clover is 467466733.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of motto is 419000343.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of lost corn is 575139873.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of heaths is 403942509.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of begonias is 465539431.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of brocade is 348123886.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of dry cake is 430644834.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of antlers is 537423061.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of neon pig is 499032209.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of siren is 423304232.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of beats is 347796816.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of words is 384914208.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of rock is 231615143.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of swing is 350708795.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of sprig is 340656276.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of spore is 465222414.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of poles is 433712450.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of toolshed is 588020474.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of riot is 307779244.
DEBUG INFO: The hash of trio is 307779244.
DEBUG INFO: word # 2 links ~ chain links
DEBUG INFO: The hash of chain links is 316921337.[/rant]

It’s slated for January. The main bug fixes are done. I have 2 printout papers to look through. I also killed a lot of useless disambiguation and fixed some obscure no-win bugs and added a bonus point or two.

ARO was just so much bigger, and the code I used to make it technically sound needed to be back ported to SA.

I think I may have pointed people to the wrong binary, or I may have bait and switched them with another link, because (in my records) the latest build is here:

A stable beta is here: … tab.gblorb

This file has a lot of improvements but I want to write them all in before signing off on the release.

I think I tried to include a debug build as the original beta, but that was a disaster.

So SA has been in development, but I haven’t finished the deal. I have a few details to add. I want to do that first thing in the new year, if not before. I have a tester who is willing to look at stuff & he’s already found a lot, and the ClubFloyd folks gave it a go. I still need to look at their transcript.

It’s a bit backward, but ARO comes first.

And thanks for the reminder–I need that push.

Oh, you can count on me to remind and push. :wink: Also, kudos for working so much on both your games after release. Polish makes perfect.

Definitely, even small pushes are nice.

I released version 2 on December 31, then provided some aesthetic touchups after trying things I maybe should’ve tried 10 months ago. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get all suggested changes in, but I don’t think they’re critical.

Since the change log is official, I’m including it here. It’s a bit long, but I hope people interested in the game find it interesting.

Features for A Roiling Original, release 2.

Big spoiler: if you completed the original game and don’t want to play through, but you are interested in a new area, you can warp there with:
[rant]ROVE OVER[/rant]
To enter it, you will need to type…
[rant]OTHERS[/rant] at the strip.

Because of the nature of the game, people familiar with Shuffling Around or ARO may be able to deduce the new/fixed puzzle solutions with what I wrote in. I’ve also organized fixes by area.


–store H is open for business, once you’ve cleared the others! There is a new area, with a “super” ending.
–hints for all objects. Hints are rejected with a call for specificity if ambiguous. Often the game could ask you to disambiguate between 3 items not in the region, which is likely an unwanted spoiler. General hinting is polished but not still perfect.
–custom dying message.
–cover art that may not be an improvement over Inform 7’s book default.
–ability to see big list of all possible random text with LIST (number) or LN to work through, including the Strip ads, once you defeat the new area. It’s in the source code, but it’s nicer and more formatted in-game.
–Necro-Crone has an actual name and more story.
–many more notepad entries.
–each Stores location now has an item that hints or gives a puzzle solution in its area, though undo is disabled.
–quasi-Invisiclues in a separate document.
–slider from Shuffling Around is now part of the settler. It has limited uses, though.
–upper graphic window now has text to go with the settler’s output
–NPCs say more random things now.
–NPCs respond to more of your specific inquiries.
–blind/visually impaired accessibility which includes full words for the settler cluing. RRY becomes Red Red Yellow
–many room name changes.
–many shortcuts to use the settler more efficiently, including “LA” to see the last use. These are better cued in both error checking and the game flow.
–a few more random rejects for attacking, waiting and no text entered
–ss command hinted better and works better
–window up top now shows last item scanned as well as colors from the settler
–updated “for your amusement” section with the “best” of the “jokes.”
–the bookshelf now has >300 entries. Other areas have a lot more random stuff, too. You also have the option to shut random chatter off with HUSH
–source code released so you don’t have to Z through an area to see the above random talk.
–“List” option on winning new areas allows you to see all random babble-text for one area in context
–a few more silly UNDO or no-text messages. One-time-only helps now have undo blocked.
–punctuation check on all random text.


–Gunter is now overtly hostile. Relatively useless conversation topics are marked as such. Gunter (involuntarily) explains what you are fighting and why. Copy of diorama is in basement.
–Elmo now gives more of a tutorial for your settler before offering (more) information about the areas to clear.
–3rd way out of the Study. Ways back and forward so you don’t trap yourself.
–a new location name, with the plaster puzzle after the tutorial

–the patcher is, um, patched. Sorry about that, seriously. Along with the star bug below, this had me cringing.

–the strip is renamed
–store C now has more dialogue but still has the warning.
–store B is an extra point.
–if you’ve forgotten/lost a save state, you can type the final winning command.
–nice mush munchies from the Lectures provide a hint with the slider.
–the patcher is now just fixed in place. It’s still a bit inexplicable, but the explanation’s less convoluted now.

Area P:
–very bad infinite loop bug when you have the star and try to do something with it is now fixed. Ironically, the bug was in some player help code.

–crust is much better. It also hints what to do in the shack, so it’s not wasted if you “forget” to use it.
–room names completely changed in N/S corridor.
–passage south is noted in old starting area.
–Rickey has a new name. Leo and not-Rickey–well, you ‘introduce’ them.
–new LLP in the shack, a TBA key.
–computer table in shack renamed as slab to eliminate ambiguity with computer screen
–cheap add-on end puzzle is trivial with 2 solutions. You can undo if you want to see both.
–bored yak now wears something clue-y.
–added a few cheap puzzles to help the shack feel lived-in
–can’t shoo Leo for an extra point when he’s already gone
–the Hedron, probably the worst puzzle in the game, was repurposed. In its place is a two-solution puzzle. It allows Leo and his new pal to get in one more fight, too.
–JPG map of the area

Area T:

–new anti-creeps stuff.
–more logical/hinted way to annoy Merle and Elmer for the LLP.
–Necro-Crone now has an optional but silly dialogue at the end. She also has accessories.
–medals clued better
–a new item, cinders, you can get rid of (for a point) or use to hint your way through

Area U:

–spoon bypasses one puzzle.
–old-giant puzzle problems (walking out on him as he talks) are now fixed.
–two puzzles are swapped to hopefully make more sense and add humor
–Logan has a new first name. How you get to him is also changed. This also requires another item/scenery for the next puzzle.
–Pat’s and Oscar’s have new names, though Pat and Oscar are still there. Original location has a new name, too.
–Final puzzle allows 2 solutions as does the one before.

Area V:

–truffle can be eaten for a hint.
–you can now read the self-help book in many different ways. Life hints + game hints, life hints or (probably most user-friendly) game hints. PAGE through it.
–more and better hinting of all puzzles, particularly of the bee, and of the shift from Poverty (renamed) to the Boulevard.
–new location: Rotunda. Rotunda/Skyscraper now share random text.
–the can of lager is moved to your bedroom. DIVORCES magazine now lies in your office.
–alternate puzzle for final point based on a song by Eddie C. The singer is still there, but under the salt.

Area W:

–papery yapper repurposed elsewhere. New guardian for the Subsector.
–more clues for the palace in the Limits. Rescuing Daltho is still optional, but the puzzle is flipped.
–can’t skip giving kid the gizmo now.
–toaster now works better.
–taverns now renamed to something totally presumptuous.
–denim hides something.
–two outright LLPs: the icesheets and the pulses. The nebula is shifted to the topside.
–better reason why kid does not show up at first.
–you can rescue Dr. Yow by twiddling a fissure now.
–many more clues for the guardians, including the serpent, if you talk/examine/try to get by. In general, I want two clues for each one except in special cases.
–more random warriors to fight/dispell, though none are tricky.

Area Y:
I think this is the most upgraded area in the game.

–Marc’s now has a name more fitting to the game.
–passage west in the range is now hinted.
–to leave not-Marc’s you now need 3 of 5 verbs, not 2 of 3. The sign now helps you.
–different door guardian(s) to not-Marc’s force you to behave differently to exit.
–Casper is now more grumbly and doing stuff to him (or his book) makes more sense.
–annoying guardian in the final area. The final two-part puzzle once he’s gone involves a dialer.
–side quest to kill an additional bad guy. It contains about five or so Things To Do.
–You now have pills to bypass many, but not all, puzzles.
–the drawer is not a puzzle any more–it was a stretch.
–new more logical way to cross river (boats) and also a canoe. The raft is clued better.
–parser now more flexibly accepts solutions.
–DIE THOU is renamed. The puzzles are more logical and flow better (I hope) especially the final one. The “you got lost,” entry and final room are renamed, and there’s a side location to complete another puzzle.
–the haunter does not kill you as before. Hints are offered.

A maintenance release is planned for May, and it will also include a non-puzzle area which discusses the things I did, right and wrong, to make this game. It will be called