Relate something to itself?

Is there a correct syntax for the following psuedocode?

Name_knowing relates various people to various things. The verb to name_know (he name_knows, it is name_known) implies the name_knowing relation.

A person usually name_knows itself.

As far as I know, no. One thing you can do is write a “When play begins” rule that loops over every person and sets them to name_know themselves. Another thing, if you want every person to always name_know themselves, is to define another relation (Definition: a person (called X) is familiar with a thing (called Y) when X is Y or X name_knows Y) and use that instead of name_know whenever you want to run a check.

One thing to watch out for is that I believe various-various relations are very hard on performance.

(By the way if you’re in 6L02 you shouldn’t have to specify the conjugations for your verb.)

Thank you again. Abstracting it out to another layer with the definition works.

[rant]As for various to various, yes it is terrible on performance, but it seems like various to various relations are the only reasonable way to set up a system of complex character knowledge and… well, relationships.

The fewer things in the game, the better, and I’m still working on better ways to do “props”. My latest version I’m working on is trying to cycle objects in and out of scope to keep the number of objects down, and instead use tables and properties to store information about where those objects should appear to the player. That may sound similar to what I’ve said before, if you’ve been remembering my other posts you’ve helped me with, but it’s different.

This time, it’s neither using texts to substitute everything or thousands of objects that have no specific name, but rather a small set of objects that are shuffled around all the time to appear to be an indefinite number of objects to the player. The relationships only have to be kept between actors, people that matter in a persistent way, but not to “all things”. I only wrote “things” in my example to keep it simple, which is why this is in a rant. The actual code, if I ever finish these “props” might look more like this:

A prop_object_actor is a kind of person. [this subkind of the person class keeps it cleanly separated from things like "man", "woman", and "animal" for various reasons that are important to my system] A prop_object is a kind of thing. [most things will be represented by these guys flying around behind the scenes] ... Name_knowing relates various prop_object_actors to various prop_object_actors. The verb to name_know implies the name_knowing relation. [This won't burden the system with relating all "things", only prop_object_actors...] [/rant]