relase IF for web

Hi everybody! I relased my IF for web using

Release along with an interpreter.
Release along with cover art.

into my /Release folder now I have got:

  • an/interpreter folder
  • Cover.jpg
  • Il Prigioniero.gblorb
  • index.html
  • play.html
  • Small Cover.jpg
  • style.css

if I open the play.html file with chrome it works and it’s all ok, but if I try to upload it (I uploaded all the /Release folder on a website (I got a free hosting service by Altervista) it displais it extremely little… … 03__2_.png

you can see it is high just a few pixel, not full page… … /play.html this is the link of the page… How can I do to display it full-page?

It looks like the host (altervista) is adding a page toolbar to the interpreter’s HTML. That’s messing up the page formatting. It adds “position: relative” to the tag, which breaks everything.

Is there host documentation about suppressing that toolbar, or formatting it differently? If not, I don’t think there’s a solution. It’s just not going to work if the host breaks it.

Yess that was the issue! thank you very much, now it works fine! bye!