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I think the Regional Travel extension is a good little tool, however, I have a question.

When I decide to “travel to” another region while in a vehicle (in this case a car) how can I make it so my car will travel
with me to the travel entry point of the other region, and that I will still be inside the car.


This should get you started.

The traveling regionally to action has an object called the transportation.

Setting action variables for traveling regionally to:
	if the player is in a vehicle (called the wheels):
		now the transportation is the wheels.
Last after traveling regionally to:
	if the transportation is not nothing:
		now the transportation is in the location;
		move the player to the transportation, without printing a room description;
	continue the action.

Essentially what this does is check if you’re inside a vehicle before traveling and save that vehicle to a variable. After moving to the new location it moves that vehicle there and the player back inside it.

You can also add a “matched as” clause to the declaration of the “transportation” variable so that you can refer to it more easily in rule preambles.

Thanks! The extension as it is has an example that includes driving around from region to region, but doesn’t address how the vehicle travels with you!

First example of extension:

Problem. You wrote ‘Use travel destination announcements’ : but that isn’t a ‘Use’ option known to me, and needs to be one of the ones listed in the documentation.
See the manual: 2.12 > 2.12. Use options
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