Rediscovered and Remastered TRS-80 Text Adventure

Just read an interesting article in the latest issue of >Remember Newsletter, about rediscovered and remastered TRS-80 text adventure from 1981 - Arctic Adventure. The game can be played in the web browser here…

Interesting story of rediscovery of the old game. Adding the game to my wish list.


That would be the one written by Harry McCracken, correct?

The author of the game claimed that the original was unwinnable due to a bug. I typed it in from The Captain 80 book of BASIC adventures many, many years ago and I don’t remember it being unwinnable. Mind you, I didn’t have a TRS-80, so I probably ported it to the Atari 8-bit or something similar and may have fixed the bug in the process.

It’s a nice little game and one that I’ve always remembered. In fact, I have extensive notes on enhancements to the game with lots of extra puzzles. I must get around to implementing those one of these days. The author has done his own enhancements in the meantime, so I’ll have to check those out first.


Yes, Harry McCracken wrote this game.
That would be nice, to try your version of the game too.

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