Redirect the home page to the forum?

I know, I should use a bookmark, but whenever I go to

Oh, this reminds me of something I have been meaning to post… we want to transform the front page into a sort of home page for IF with links to all the major websites.

I know that this idea was pooh-poohed when I was trying to suss out the precise distinction between the IFDB and the IFwiki, but maybe the time is coming for the major IF resources to be brought under one big tent?

You volunteering to administer all of them?

Just to clarify, what we’re thinking of will be nothing more than a pretty looking page linking to the other sites.

Make the pretty page! It will be good.

I’ve heard of this mythical home page for many years now. Why don’t we redirect to the forum until the new page is ready? (At this rate, it could be another decade.)