Recording z-code game transcripts without the game's support?

I’d like to record a transcript of my play through a z-code game that doesn’t appear to support the standard script/transcript command (in this case a PunyInform game without extended verbs enabled), even in interpreters that support transcripts. Is there an interpreter that would let me capture a transcript of a game even without the game’s cooperation?

(I wonder if it would be compelling for an interpreter to offer full screen recording of any game, e.g. for z-code games that issue display codes beyond a scrolling script. The playback would still be text and support things like copy/paste, and maybe a plaintext file format…)

— Dan

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Play in Windows Frotz. Press Ctrl-L to enter scrollback mode. Copy and save the text.


Gargoyle’s Z-machine interpreter has a /scripton command which will turn on transcripting regardless of game support.

Due to a bug, the transcript isn’t written out in real time, but it should be entirely written out when the interpreter is shut down. As long as you don’t need the transcript while you’re playing, this should do what you need.


I could imagine a “enhanced transcript” mode for Lectrote that wrote out the GlkOte update stream for any game.

This would be JSON rather than plain text, so you’d need a separate tool (or separate Lectrote feature) to view it. But it would be “full-screen” in the sense that it would include data about all the status-line updates as well as the body text updates.

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