Recording state of an object

I haven’t found an extension to do this, so I figured I’d ask. I’m looking for a way to record the state of an object (properties, relations, the whole bit) (in I6 obviously) so that I can have an area of a map be reset upon leaving.

I’m not looking for a complete solution, I’m just wondering if people think it’s a feasible thing to implement, and advice on where (in 6M62, unfortunately, because I’m working on a very old project that is problematic to convert to v10) I would look for the subroutines that set/fetch properties and relations. My experience modifying i6 templates is limited.

Note that I’m aware of the problems of recording and resetting relations if one side of the relation is reset and the other is not. I’m going to guard against that problem in my world model.

Any help, even “you’re crazy” would be appreciated!

You can get further in 6M62 than you can in 10.1, actually. @Draconis went down that rabbit-hole here:

So long as at least one instance of the kind actually exists in the game, you can find what properties are associated with what kinds. For either/or properties, you can even get the name of the property (but not the opposite name). A thing you can’t do is to find the kind of non-either-or properties. (At least I hope I’m remembering all that right. I went down this rabbit-hole, too, but it was a while ago.)

You can get a lot further if you’re not compiling for release and you capture and parse the showme output.


The term “rabbit-hole” does not bode well. Perhaps I’d best stay away, and just limit the number of things I’ll need to restore. Thanks!

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