Recommended workflow

I haven’t watched the Adventuron videos yet, but from reading the documentation, I don’t remember anything describing working outside of the online editor/classroom. Is there a compiler that runs locally? What’s the preferred method of authoring Adventuron games?

I noticed that at the very bottom of the documentation is a link to a syntax highlighting plugin for VS Code. Do people keep everything as one file locally and just copy and paste it into the online editor?

Note: I did find an archive of the 2021 March beta (68j) as a standalone, offline package.

I’m just not sure if there are any other options to coding Adventuron games, is all.

As usual, any perspective on this is appreciated.


I’ve only ever use the online editor, and just save down a version numbered text file at the end of each coding session.

I seem to remember the offline version appearing after people had trouble getting the online version to load, as @adventuron had forgotten to put a shilling in the meter or something and so it was temporarily unavailable. It is handy to be able to run the editor offline occasionally.


The snapshot on is the stable version that is used on Adventuron classroom. You can download this to use offline.

The more cutting edge versions are available at beta and betabeta. The former seems to have fallen into disuse in favour of the latter. The latter is subject to change without notice.

I’m sure that most users use one of the online versions. The VSCode plug-in is for the masochists that want to do things the hard way.


Perfect! That’s kind of what I thought might be best and I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing out on some super secret, you’re an idiot if you don’t do it this way sort of thing. Thanks, man! :+1:

I love the title of that second link! Glad to see that Adventuron is always being tinkered with and in active development.

And yes, I tried in the address bar… just in case. :wink: