Recommendation for Interpreter?

I have a large batch of games in .z* format, and am looking for an interpreter to actually play them. Can anyone point me to some sort of comparison of features, or some reviews, or even just discuss here why I should choose one interpreter over another?

The target environment is Windows 7 Ultimate x64. I don’t require that the interpreter be a 64-bit program.

(These games were being played on my now-retired Clié, where I was using CliFrotz.)
(Also, is anyone aware of an interpreter that can be installed and used on an unrooted NookColor?)

Also running the same environment, I’ve found that WinFrotz seems to work best. Though I prefer the look and glulx support of filfre, it doesn’t support live automapping.

I prefer gargoyle, because it looks so good typographically. … e&can=2&q=

I think Gargoyle is definitely the most easy on the eyes that I’ve seen. Makes IF look like a page in a book. If they had a feature like in the Windows ebook reader where if you maximize the software it gives you an appropriately dimensioned page surrounded by a plain black screen, it’d be perfect.

A gui for the settings would be nice, too. I like different colors and fonts for different moods, so juggling lots of themed configuration files is a bit of a pain.

On the other hand, Windows Frotz allows for easy-peasy changes, but doesn’t let me save themes.

Followup: while Gargoyle won’t do this automatically (and sadly, has no “fullscreen mode”), you can set those dimensions however you like …

(screencap from my netbook)

I have to agree with you there. I LOVE gargoyle’s simple grey look…it’s beautiful lol