Recommend some good time-loop games

So… recently there has been a debate about a game that revolves around a time loop of a little more than ten minutes, and such. It has been a flop. With a lot of disappointed people.

So that, is, let’s bring to light some good time-loops games so they can spit out that bad taste of their mouths.

I will start. The sweetest honey was a “below the average” entry at the IFComp 2019, however, it was blasted by poor grammar, lack of proof edition (just like my own prose here :)), and a very grim topic, that of course, won’t make any friends. But, really, it is a masterpiece, I think it is lovingly crafted.

You can read, for more bad grammar, my whole review here:

Also, I remember a sci-fi short IF about a time machine and maybe a nuclear reactor, REDACTED. I don’t remember the name, but it is not listed by the tag “loop” at IFDB:

Ah! I found it!

All things devour - highly recommended.

Any more recommendations?

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I think maybe it’s better to hide the second half of that sentence in spoiler tags, as I’ve done in the quote above, although I appreciate that of course you need to give details so that people can identify the game. (And it’s only a mild spoiler anyway.)
To give the name is now kind of a “reverse spoiler”, so to speak, but I’m pretty sure you mean Möbius. :slight_smile:

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No, it was not that, but I fixed my post. Thanks!

There’s Ade McT’s Fifteen Minutes – slight deviation from the norm because it’s not a clean loop and reset, you still see your previous selves doing stuff and accumulating as the loop proceeds.

And maybe Hadean Lands sorta qualifies?

Of course outside IF there’s Outer Wilds, which is really great and getting an expansion soon.


Great opportunity to plug this one again:

Delusions - Details (

EDIT: I made a poll on IFDB. It would be nice to gather people’s loop favourites in one place. Polls may be easier traced than this thread.

Time-loop games. - an IFDB Poll

EDIT: Poll rescinded. As StJohnLimbo points out, there’s already a very similar poll in place.

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I just noticed this poll linked from the bottom of the “Fifteen Minutes” IFDB page: Games centered around a "groundhog day" loop - an IFDB Poll

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Rematch is a one-move game but may qualify as a time-loop as it is usually played over and over to get it right.


Thanks. The groundhog poll was a mere five places below mine on the front page. I should have noticed. I deleted my poll.

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I liked Stay? - Details which is an Ink game with a very reactive loop.