Recently discovered this: Z interpreter JZIP with automap


So I’ve started playing Curses! and looking for some maps (seriously, why the hell there’s no invisiclues for this game?) for it I came to this great interpreter that plays Z machine games on your browser and has an automap feature.

Now that we are talking about hard to play games, I think it is a good tool to point at:

The code is even at a git repository (I think, I failed to get the URL for the project).

The interpreter comes with several games as an example of behaviour (Curses, Anchorhead, Christminster, among others). And it even allows download the resultant map.

Of course, it won’t run Cragne Manor, because it is just a Z machine interpreter.

Anyway, I remember you about Tribort, and how it could be set to automap the game you are playing, or so that say Hanon :wink: … 0801998850


Interesting. I notice on some games it doesn’t show the status bar right. I tried Risorgimento Represso, for example, and the status bar on the right-most portion doesn’t show up. Anchorhead shows the same thing but other games do not. It’s also pretty weak on its display, such as with the box quotes and stuff. The actual project appears to be here: