Realiasing existing commands [answered]

I would like to direct several existing commands (e.g., “out”, “leave”) toward an insteaded existing action (or toward a newly defined action, whatever gets the job done), but to my surprise, I am repeatedly informed that this is not permitted. How can I alias multiple existing commands to a different thing?

What did you try, and what was the error message?

I tried several different things, and ended up stripping it down to just one existing command aliased to a newly defined action in order to figure out what was making Inform unhappy:

  1. Understand “leave” as sallying. (This did not produce an error, but it also did not work; the default “leave” behavior was applied.)
  2. Understand the command “leave” as “sally”. (This produced the error message: You wrote ‘Understand the command “leave” as “sally”’ : but ‘understand the command … as …’ is only allowed when the new command has no meaning already, so for instance ‘understand “drop” as “throw”’ is not allowed because “drop” already has a meaning.")

Edit: Hang on, is this because I’m using the build I downloaded in… 2012?.. and haven’t updated it?

You need to say

Understand the command "leave" as something new.

to knock out the existing grammar for “leave.” Then you can redirect it.

Ohhhh, okay. Thank you!