Real tabs


Through some magic, CODE tags will now use real tabs! Hurray!

After winning the forum: Get the kudos.
In this case though the kudos really go to this guy. Thanks Martin!

Theoretically it is possible to change the tab width using CSS. I’ll give it a try later on.

Can NPC stats be linked?
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What are the phpBB guys doing, I wonder.

(Emily Boegheim) #4

That’s pretty cool, but I’ve noticed that there a now a couple of other problems with code tags. The Select All link no longer works, and long lines of code apparently don’t get line-wrapped any more?

It’d be great to have real tabs instead of spaces, though, if we can get it all working properly!


Hmm, you’re using the alternative theme?

(Emily Boegheim) #6

Yeah. I always forget there are two themes! I take it it’s working properly on the default theme, then?

By the way, I was testing this on Chrome under Windows 7/Ubuntu 13.04, both 64-bit, if it matters.