Real HARD Copy.

Would I be showing my age if I said it would be very nice to have the ability to “PRINT” out (on paper) sources, listings, references, and anything else that is now forbiden?

It would also be nice to have the ability to dump the game output for use in game documentation.

Greg :smiling_imp:

Some interpreters will let you copy the text. This is true even of Frotz-type Infocom interpreters, though you have to click a special button to make the text copyable. You can certainly open your source code in a text editor and print it from that … or copy it into a new text editor document and print it.

To answer your question, though … yeah, you’d be showing your age. :wink: I’m 63, and I never print anything if I can avoid it. I end up with mounds of paper, a filing cabinet full of it!

If you’re concerned about long-term archiving, should your computer blow up, (a) USB thumb drives are cheap, (b) Dropbox is free.

I’m not sure why you’d want to print that stuff, really, but:

You can print the manual from its online sources. You can print your source code from within the IDE. And you can turn SCRIPT ON to dump your game’s output to a file, which you can then print from a text editor, or copy selectively to use for documentation.

Indeed. I can’t think of anything I could once do with a printer before that is now “forbidden”, unless that just refers to the way the SCRIPT ON command used be able to output directly to your printer instead of to a text file — I do remember that.

From the title I thought this would be about AIF.

I’m disappointed.