Ready Player One (lazy book review)

For raw entertainment value, I wanted to recommend Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One. The book is chock full of juicy geek references for my generation +/- 1. As a bonus, I can mention that our hobby is well-represented.

In fact, most anyone here should be able to solve one of the book’s major puzzle points in as much time as it takes to read the clue.

I will admit right off that the book is not particularly well written. Several basic rules of good writing are ignored, continuity errors abound and there are several moments where the book was clearly breaking its own rules. Ordinarily that sort of thing would be enough to drop the book, but it ended up being such a quick read and the geek culture references were so compelling that I stopped caring. More than once it occurred to me that this book would have made a fun text adventure back in the day.

If you’ve got ten bucks and a couple of afternoons to spare, give it a try.