Reading a poster

I have a travel poster hanging on a wall. I want the user to type, “read poster” and then I want the program to say, “The only word on the poster is ‘Tunesia’.”


By default, READ is just a synonym for examine, so you could just make that the description. If you’re looking to implement a read action that’s separate from examining, you can check out this page in the docs (the Trouble With Printing example should do the trick).


Inform already recognizes READ as a synonym for examine, so if that works for you then just use the description of the poster is "The only word on the poster is 'Tunesia'.".

Otherwise, you can do something like: ([tab] and [two tabs] should be replaced with the tab character (one and two respectively) when coding)

understand "read" as something new.
reading is an action applying to one visible thing. understand "read [something]" as reading.
check reading:
[tab] if the noun is the poster:
[two tabs] say "The only word...";
[tab] otherwise:
[two tabs] say "There isn't anything important to read on that.";

Edit: Looks like Mike beat me to it.