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This one was hilariously condescending:


“Reading a conversation closely helps you follow the discussion, understand different viewpoints, and leads to more interesting conversations.”

Who knew?


Particularly amusing since a dozen of us got it from that thread that was slowly turning into a flame war. :neutral_face:


I believe that this “reading is fundamental” feedback / propoganda was added to Discourse following a ~2014 discussion of the overwhelming empirical evidence that most online readers write comments about things that they have not actually read. A key related blog post (with linked discussion) is here:

…although the best thing might be to just comment on it without actually reading it. :wink:



Kidding. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve seen that stupid point thing happen in discord recently where a bot would give out points that were not redeemable in any way. You gain them through fishing (typing fish @tayruh as an example). You can only do it a couple times a day, but other people can fish for you and give you points. It became this huge faction battle on who would reach 1000 fish first with people actually getting angry over it. Over literally nothing. People are dumb.

Regarding the reading thing, I may talk a lot but I also lurk a lot. I read nearly every post on here because you guys are all intelligent and I find the discussions really interesting. :slight_smile: